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LIF7 “Our Beauty” EP

Artist: LIF7
Title: Our Beauty EP
Genre: Techno
Format: Digital
Catalogue: II104D
Released: 14 November 2020

A1. Our Beauty (Original Mix)
A2. What We Can’t See (Original Mix)
B1. Our Beauty (Alex Moss Remix)

Written & Produced By @l1f7
Mix/Remixer @alexmossdjΒ & LIF7
Mastering By Lobotomija
All Rights Reserved, 14 Nov 2020
Cat. II104D

Twelve Gods Of Olumpus EP By Marthial

We are really happy to be able to give the “Welcome Back” to one of the guys who first produced on the INSANE INDUSTRY Recordings label,
Marthial returns to the label with a new EP titled “Twelve Gods Of Olumpus” we do not reveal anything else, good listening.

A1. One Love (Original Mix)Β 
A2. I Hate Arrogance People (Original Mix)Β 
B1. Amore Punk (Original Mix)Β 
B2. Twelve Gods Of Olumpus (Original Mix)Β 
C1. Techno Opera (Original Mix)

Written & Produced By MarthialΒ 
Mastered By @arthemisia707
Layout By LobotomijaΒ 
All Rights Reserved, 10 Oct 2020Β 
Cat. II091D

“Blood & Tool” EP

Artist: Claros
Title: Blood & Tool EP
Genre: Techno / Industrial
Format: Digital
Catalogue: II089D
Released: 02 October 2020

A1. B17 (Original Mix) 
A2. Blood & Tool (Original Mix) 
B1. Merkava (Original Mix)

Written & Produced By ClarosΒ 
Layout By LobotomijaΒ 
All Rights Reserved, 2 Oct 2020Β 
Cat. II089D

Listen & Download via Bandcamp:

AtΓΈmica the third INSANE INDUSTRY V/A

INSANE INDUSTRY Recordings presents “ATØMICA” its third Various Artists composed of 28 Artists in 4 Phases, a set of melodies ranging from Techno, Industrial sounds, passing through a bit of old school Electronics mixed to a bit of EBM returning to BPM definitely plus others with Hardcore.After the Various Artists “Romanticismo” and “Resistance”, the latter projected in the lockdown phase during the Covid period and which the funds raised were donated to the Italian Red Cross during the pandemic, a new chapter entitled “AtΓΈmica” returns with the usual enthusiasm at INSANE INDUSTRY RECORDINGS home.

A new format that contains general Techno / Industrial / Raw and Experimental Electronic in a V/A divided into 4 Phases to go and discover it a little at a time.

INSANE INDUSTRY RECORDINGS, All Rights Reserved 21 September 2020 Cat. II003VA

We take the occasion further to thank all the participants who strongly wanted to be part of this incredible musical project, hoping to hear from you all for future collaborations and releases.We wish you a strong good luck for all your future projects and a big hug,Always with esteem, respect and love, Krys (INSANE INDUSTRY Recordings & Rave Insane Agency Owner)