After past experiences was born the project β€œINSANE INDUSTRY” in order to promote, collaborate and release a specific sound, a distant from the commercial sub-culture, rediscovering sounds and artists not only in music but also in the visual and image scene. In 2015 it start slowly, in 2016 the year of the revival in the modesty, leading to Trieste in a single date artists of the caliber of Max Durante (Sonic Groove/KynantRecords), Danilo Incorvaia (B55/GreenFetish), NTNXBZZ (NORITE), Ida Mandato (Risonanza), Domenico Petrosino (Vein Label) and many more during the season, brought forward thanks to the collaboration with Electrique project and the born date and known as β€œthe Sunset Vinyl Pleasure”, but not only that in 2016 INSANE INDUSTRY also with a musical project as a digital record label and a community podcast that less a year and managed to count more than 24k plays more than 900 downloads in nearly 35 podcasts. He manages to active booking managment of artists like PUSHMANN (ARTS / NAKED LUNCH) Ready to go in this 2017 with a variety of EP releases, podcasts and dates.

The 2017 and a year that we will define “static” not proposing numerous evenings with the project itself, put to the test by the social conditions of the city and the locals, we succeed in both cases to bring and propose for the first time in Slovenia an artist of the caliber of Luciano Lamanna [SCUDERIA], while regarding the outputs of EP we will publish as many as 3 with artists like Tommaso Marasma in art AEQUAL [INTELLIGENTZIA ELECTRONICA], Darkotik and MARTHIAL [TEMPIO DEL FUTURO PERDUTO] released vital to increase our way towards the “Productions” side .