ØTTA announces the next podcast on INSANE INDUSTRY


ØTTA is a techno DJ on the rise, with a moody aesthetic and merciless style her mixes are the stuff of delicious nightmares. Her background in classical music gives her a unique grasp of mood and tension and her collective, 000011010, founded with another Point Blank student Pre-Silent is starting to make waves too, expect to see more of her and her gang across the UK capital in the coming months.

What was your experience with music before you studied with us?

When I was a kid my dad used to listen to classical music in the living room, you couldn’t really escape it. I used to call it the classical weekend raves. It was a place where I felt safe, pure and genuinely happy. I was part of the school chorus too and one day the maestro came to me and asked me to play the classic viola. I didn’t even know the difference between a violin and a classic viola but I ended up playing in his orchestra for 6 years.

Your music comes at least in part from the study of classical music, how does that permeate your work as a techno artist do you think?

I feel very lucky to have a classical music background, your ear is completely different and it allows you to listen and interpret/reinterpret music in a much more enriching and intriguing way. It made me also have a better understanding of the basic musical elements.